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Morgan Sturdy


Morgan Sturdy is the Co-founder and was also the first Chair of ACETECH in 1992.

Morgan is a high-tech entrepreneur and executive with an impressive 20 year track record.  Morgan was the President of Dees Communications Engineering, a market leader in call center solutions, from 1985 until its acquisition by NICE Systems in 1997. He joined Dees Communications when it was a 10 person company supplying telecom peripheral equipment to BC Tel and over the next 10 years, Dees was transformed from a regional micro processor based hardware supplier to a prominent player in the Call Center Telecom technology solutions market. In 1997, NICE Systems, an Israeli based NASDAQ traded company, purchased Dees Communications to take advantage of its technology and strong presence in the USA Call Center markets 

From 1997 – 1998 he served at President of Nice Systems Canada and from 1998 - 2000, he served as the Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Nice systems North America.  NICE was the market leader in providing the enterprise with solutions for the capture, quality monitoring, and analysis of customer interactions.  During this period under Morgan’s leadership the revenue of the North American operation went up 300%.

Morgan Sturdy has been very active in the BC Technology community for the last 20 years serving as a board member of 20 technology companies including CREO, Hothaus Technologies and TIR.
Morgan currently serves as a director of Lighthaus Logic and  ResponseTek. 

He is also a director of Discovery Parks Incorporated, which was established in 1979 to promote and support growth of the high technology research and development industry in BC, particularly in association with the province’s post secondary institutions. Morgan is also a director of the Great Northern Way Campus.

Morgan was a founder and Chairman for three years of Acetech Academy for Technology CEO’s that was created in 1992 and holds an annual symposium bringing together CEO’s of technology companies to provide them with environment for the highest level of learning and personal growth. In 2001, he became Acetech’s first “Fellow” in recognition of his distinguished service to the Vancouver technology community through Acetech..

Morgan Sturdy was a founding board member and served as Chairman for 3 years with the Vancouver Enterprise Forum which was established 20 years ago to advance technology entrepreneurship in British Columbia through publicly held forums focused on bringing together members of the technology enterprise community in the sharing and exchange of information with a view to educate and motivate.

Morgan Sturdy was Chairman of the Board of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association in 2002 and 2003. 

He has served as a member of the Premier Technology Council for four years. The members of the PTC provide advice to the Premier of British Columbia on all technology relates issues facing citizens of the province.

In 2004 Morgan was the recipient of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association Bill Thompson Life Time Achievement award and he also received the Distinguished Alumni Award form the British Columbia Institute of Technology for Significant Contribution to a Trade or Industry

Morgan Sturdy has served on the Board of Governors of Science World for nine years was Chair for three years. He has also served on the Board of the Mitchell Odyssey Foundation for 5 years and the objective of the Foundation is to give adolescents the opportunity to be engaged stimulated and mentored in the areas of science, technology and mathematics.

Morgan served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Vancouver YMCA for two years.

Morgan graduated 1973 from the British Columbia Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Technology for Marketing Management. He also graduated in 1983 from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor in Business Administration

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